Poetry of soul

(скачать) скачано: 1853 раз
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Музыка: Лиза Лукашина
Слова: Анна Лукашина
Перевод на английский: Лиза Лукашина
Аранжировка: Тимур Рыжов

Текст песни


Like a candle may my pain go out
Inevitability of meeting and leaving
May the joy come 'round as a healing
Joy of finding and being found.

I will raise above the vanity
Breaking granite of the people's noise.
It was here, but not in my eternity
Let your time just lift its voice.

Chorus: My love my love
It's poetry of soul
My love my love
In nightly silence
And waves roll

Everything will pass, but don't be sad...
Day will be replaced by day again...
Love your enemies and don't offend...
'Cause only love will have no end...