As You will come

(скачать) скачано: 1825 раз
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Музыка: Анна Лукашина
Слова: Анна Лукашина
Перевод на английский: Лиза Лукашина
Аранжировка: Тимур Рыжов

Текст песни


Lie will dissapear and night recedes as You will come.
Vanity of vanities will speed away as You will come
Pain will melt away like the snow in spring as You'll come
Let me be with You as again You'll come

I'll tell You, Lord, about my tears
I'll tell You, Lord, about my fears
About prayers, about funny days
As You'll come I'll tell it face to face

Tears will never fall into my eyes as You'll come
And fear will dissolve in the shine of stars as You'll come
Light will stream and run like the heaven song as You'll come
You're amazing God, You're the only One.