Лиза Лукашина

Liza Lukashina - young singer, gifted songwriter and composer, poetess. Liza was born on December 23, 1994, in Moscow.

2009, the first book of poetry and prose "Silence of the Sea" was published. The debut album "Two Rivers", which was recorded at the "T & T" studio in collaboration with the famous arranger, composer and sound producer Timur Ryzhov, came out in 2010. It brought her recognition, which does not leave her even today.

“Night and day” is Liza Lukashina’s album, released in 2011. The second book of Liza, which is called "Two parallels through" was published 2011 as well.

2012, the album “Points, Dots” was out. Liza writes her songs and poems not only in Russian but in German and English as well. She says that writing in a foreign language is a great responsibility. “It is very difficult to use allegories for you are in a trap of rules and rhymes. But although it is a wholesome and pleasant experience”.

Liza Lukashina was travelling giving her concerts in Germany, Finland and Latvia.
The second album “Night and Day” was released in 2011, which songs were added to the popular music collection of the “Studio Monolit” record company. Many radio stations are playing her songs in Russia, “Near abroad” and other countries of the world.
Lisa Lukashina repeatedly took part in the competition "Alla's Got Talent," where she received high praise of her work from Alla Pugacheva.
Liza is currently working at her third book and the fourth album which is called “Lunae ortus”. One of the songs “The Olympiad 2014” was recorded in collaboration with the legendary band “Boney M” to take part in the Olympic Games in Sochi.


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